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When choosing a puppy, there are a few things you will need to remember.  These are not only things about the puppy itself, the home it comes from, the way it is bought up, but also the breed itself.

Dog breeds are all different, every single breed was originally bred for a purpose and many breeds still have very strong instincts.  It is therefore very important to know a little about the breed you are interested in, before you commit yourself to a puppy.

One of the reasons why dogs and puppies end up in rescue, is because their owners saw a cute puppy, didn't research the breed and found them too difficult, too lively, too noisy, too hairy or too protective.

PLEASE, PLEASE research into your chosen breed as much as possible, ask lots of questions and ask for the bad things about the breed and not just the good ones.

If you click HERE, you will find a list of popular breeds with useful information on both the good and the bad points of each one.

In order to give you a basic idea on what to look for from a breeder and in a puppy, I have written the following points to remember.  I hope they are useful to you. 

What to look for in a good breeder.
























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